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Eastern Visayas saw a decrease in teen pregnancy to 4.9% by 2022: PopCom

According to the 2022 National Health and Demographic Survey (NDHS), the rate of teenage pregnancy among 15 to 19-year-olds in Eastern Visayas has decreased, the Commission on Population and Development (PopCom) stated on Thursday.

According to the 2022 NDHS, which polled 245 teenage girls in the area, the percentage dropped from 6.9 percent in 2017 to 4.9 percent in 2018.

Elnora Pulma, regional director for PopCom Eastern Visayas, noted that within the age range, women aged 19 had the greatest rate, at 13%. With 1.7 percent, 16-year-old women had the lowest proportion of childbearing women.

According to Pulma, the decline may be related to the limits imposed by the epidemic on adolescent social interaction.

The number is still high, despite the reduction, Pulma remarked at a press conference held in honor of PopCom’s 54th anniversary.

“While the number of teenage pregnancies may have declined, the number is still significant. One teen pregnancy is one too many instances. We are fighting for a ban on teen pregnancies, she stated.

During a press conference held in conjunction with PopCom’s 54th anniversary, Pulma noted.

According to Pulma, one of the most important problems Filipino youngsters are currently confronting is teen pregnancy.

According to a United Nations study, adolescents who started having children before turning 18 have a lower likelihood of finishing secondary school.

In light of the negative effects that incomplete basic education has on future work prospects and family lifetime earnings, Pulma continued, “One case is too many.”

Early pregnancy’s overall estimated cost to the nation in terms of missed chances and lost income is up to PHP33 billion annually.

Based on the 2022 research, PopCom does not have information on the precise number of teenage mothers in the area.

However, the Philippine Statistics Authority’s 2020 poll indicated that 6,485 teenagers (aged 14 to 19) in the area had given birth.

The addition of Comprehensive Sexuality Education to the core curriculum is one of the strategies being used to address the issue, according to Pulma.

The goal of sexuality education is to give young people the self-assurance they need to resist peer pressure and “negotiate safe and consenting partnerships.”

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