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20K housing units are to be built by Marcos in Camarines Sur.

As part of the Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino (4PH) Program, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. presided over the groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday for the construction of more than 20,000 housing units in Camarines Sur.

In his speech, Marcos stated that the initiatives are founded on the idea of giving all Filipinos a comfortable, orderly, and dignified existence.

All Filipinos who want to have a place where they may begin a new chapter in their lives have the goal of owning their own home, according to him. “Ang pagkakaroon ng sariling bahay ay pangarap ng lahat ng Pilipino nais magkaroon ng isang lugar,” he said.

The Camarines Sur 4PH Project, located on a six-hectare plot of land along Panganiban Drive in Naga City, will feature five residential buildings with more than 10,000 dwelling units. The residential towers will be surrounded by four business structures.

The other housing development is situated in Barangay Balatas and is aimed at the people of Naga City. An additional 10,000 dwelling units will be included, for a total of 20,000.

These projects, according to Marcos, involve both infrastructure and social initiatives.

“Ibang klaseng project ito, masasabi ninyo na infrastructure project dahil meron tayong tinatayo but it is also a social project dahil may social costโ€ฆ ito ang mga problema hinaharap ng ating mga kababayanโ€ฆkapag wala silang magandang tahanan na uuwian, kung saan sila makapagpahinga, kung saan sila makapiling nila ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay. (This is a different kind of project; you could say that it is an infrastructure project because we are building something, but it is also a social project because there is a social cost. These are the issues our countrymen face when they lack a decent home where they can rest and be with their loved ones. That’s not a person’s privilege; in my opinion, this is a fundamental human right “declared the President.

According to him, the administration wants to build 1 million homes annually over the course of his six-year tenure in order to give people quality housing options and reduce the nation’s 6 million housing shortage.

“All of this we want to reach 6 million additional housing units because when we study the housing in the Philippines, that is the amount that looks to be inadequate for our countrymen,” Marcos stated.

The government wants inhabitants to have access to fundamental services including schools, markets, hospitals, and infrastructure for their livelihoods in addition to housing as part of the project.

The President also urged various government agencies, building contractors, private financial institutions, and other collaborators to follow laws and regulations when working on projects.

Gov. Vincenzo Renato Luigi Reyes Villafuerte of Camarines Sur congratulated the President for the initiatives that were invested in his province.

“The very fact that you are in Camarines Sur, Mr. President, sends a signal to everyone that we should work together for peace and development. The fact that the province of Camarines Sur is one of its first recipients greatly honors and thanks me. I am happy to report that 10,000 dwelling units will be constructed for Camarines Sur residents as part of this development initiative “said Villafuerte.

Since typhoons frequently hit the Bicol Area, he claimed, having safe, sturdy, and comfortable homes is quite beneficial.

“No longer have we been able to mapapabuti the pang araw na buhay ng bawat mamayang Pilipino; instead, we have been able to make progress with our bag of pag-asa. Ang 10,000 bahay na ito ang magpapabago, magpapaganda sa buhay ng mahigit 50,000 Camarinenses. More than 50,000 Camarinenses will have their lives changed and improved by these 10,000 houses; in addition to bettering the standard of living for every Filipino, we will also give them renewed hope. I thus appeal to all Camarinenses and Bicolanos to come together under the leadership of our President as his success is also our victory.” stated Villafuerte.

The governor added that when Marcos was still a senator, he was the one who resisted plans to split the province of Camarines Sur.

“At the time, he was the only senator who actively worked to keep Camarines Sur united. Our president has consistently emphasized the need for harmony. He desired the continued unity of our province. He desires the unification of our nation “Added he.

At the occasion, Villafuerte gave a resolution from the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur recognizing Marcos as a Camarines Sur adopted son.

The Chief Executive also recognized Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion’s accomplishments at the Balatas New Development Area (BNDA), which recently saw the establishment of a national high school, a contemporary hospital, an events/evacuation center, and an agricultural demonstration farm.

Legacion has already promised the residents of the city that it will construct low-cost housing for residents who are low-income earners and informal settlers.

There are five further housing projects planned for the city’s other barangays.

Other provinces in the Bicol Area will also have housing developments, according to Jose Rizalino Acuzar, Secretary of the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD).

“The Albay province also stood for housing development. This is just the beginning; for all of Bicolandia, there will be more to come “said he.

The project is anticipated to be finished by the following year, Acuzar added.

He mentioned that as of March 16, the “Pambansang Pabahay” has signed 83 memorandums of agreement and completed 19 ground-breaking projects nationwide.

Together with Gov. Villafuerte and Legacion, other elected officials from Camarines Sur, including representatives from the 2nd and 5th districts, the Cabinet, and several municipal officials, were also present during the event in Naga City.

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