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With 120K fingerlings, BFAR repopulates the Tarlac and Pampanga rivers.

Under its Balik Sigla sa Ilog at Lawa (BASIL) program, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Central Luzon (BFAR-3) has disseminated approximately 120,000 fingerlings in the rivers of this province and Tarlac.

The release of approximately 24,000 common carp and 46,000 tilapia fingerlings, which would help the local indigenous fishermen, took place on Monday in the Batsun-Bangut River in the hilly area of Bamban town, Tarlac province, under the direction of representatives from the BFAR-3 and Provincial Fisheries Office.

Similarly, on Tuesday at Guagua town, this province, 50,000 fingerling tilapia and 3,000 post-larvae of the freshwater prawn species ulang were released into the Guagua-Pasak River.

The National Freshwater Fisheries Technology Centre of the BFAR produced the released fingerlings.

According to BFAR Regional Director Wilfredo Cruz, the BASIL program, which aims to repopulate freshwater bodies with native and non-invasive fish species, includes dispersal activities.

Cruz stated that the measure also intends to boost productivity and, in the long run, enhance the quality of life for the fishermen in the two provinces.

In an interview, he stated, “this will help improve the productivity and sustainability of the lives of the fisherfolk in the areas.”

To guarantee that the advantages of water resources are maximized, Cruz advised the fishing community to follow safe, proper, and environmentally friendly fishing practices, such as the appropriate use of gear and the non-use of damaging fishing methods.

“Indigenous fish populations in significant lakes and rivers have been essentially wiped off by overfishing and the adoption of damaging, illegal fishing techniques. This action will support the local native fish population. He continued that the project will also involve the communities close to the river and educate them about the value of environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing methods.

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