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QIAGEN renames Philippine-based Business Services entity to QIAGEN Manila Inc. celebrates diversity and growth

QIAGEN announced the renaming of its Philippine-based Business
Services entity from QIAGEN Business Services (Manila), Inc. to QIAGEN Manila, Inc. last Monday,
May 22, 2023.
Since 2017, QIAGEN Manila has been an integral part of the global company, providing essential
services that support its core business in providing solutions and products for molecular biology
research and diagnostics. With different nationalities working across various functions and roles,
QIAGEN Manila has consistently proven to be a reliable, highly responsive team that has improved the
customer experience both within and outside QIAGEN, propelling the company’s growth.
Over the years, QIAGEN Manila’s responsibilities have greatly expanded, providing a range of
essential services, including supply chain management, customer care, and accounting, as well as
technical services and sales support, playing a vital role in shaping QIAGEN into a global and diverse
company it is today.
The name change comes as QIAGEN Manila celebrates its diversity, spirit, and growth, allowing
opportunities for local employment to align with its growing site in the Philippines, and as they venture
to new global partnerships.
QIAGEN Manila contributes to the success of QIAGEN, servicing over 500,000 customers
worldwide. Through their expertise and service, QIAGEN Manila helps maintain the company’s strong
presence as part of the 35 subsidiaries spanning over 25 countries and a global distribution partner
network that extends to more than 60 countries.
“We are proud to announce this name change, which reflects the crucial role that QIAGEN Manila
plays in supporting our global core business,” said Chiles De Leon, Senior Managing Director, Head of
QIAGEN Manila. “We recognize the diversity, spirit, and growth of our Manila site, and we are excited
to see how QIAGEN Manila will continue to help grow the global company. I extend my deepest
gratitude to the QIAGEN Manila team for their tireless efforts, hard work, and dedication, which have
been instrumental in driving the company’s success.”


About QIAGEN Manila
QIAGEN Manila provides services related to Supply Chain Management, Customer Care, and

QIAGEN Manila, Inc.,
12F Cyber Sigma Bldg.
McKinley West 1634
Taguig City, Philippines

QIAGEN Manila, Inc. | 12F Cyber Sigma Building | Old Lawton Avenue, McKinley West, Taguig City 1634 | Philippines

Phone +63 2 450 5580 | Fax +63 2 548 5399 | www.qiagen.com

Accounting as well as Technical Services and other sales support activities to QIAGEN’s global
operations and complements QIAGEN’s existing Shared Service Center in Wroclaw, Poland, which
since its opening in 2017 grown to more than 350 employees. Supporting QIAGEN businesses
specifically in the United States and the APAC region, QIAGEN Manila is expected to play an important
role in the global provision of services to the company and its clients.

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