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The overall number of Delta variant instances now stands at 119, with 103 cases recovered

On Sunday, the Department of Health (DOH) verified 55 more instances of the highly transmissible Delta form of the coronavirus, which was originally discovered in India.

Based on the latest whole-genome sequencing report by the University of the Philippines-Philippine Genome Center (UP-PGC) and the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH), the DOH said in a statement that new cases of the Alpha variant (94), Beta variant (179), and Theta variant (9) were similarly detected (UP-NIH).

The overall number of Delta cases in the nation is 119 thus far.

In all, 103 people have recovered, 12 are recovering, and four have died, including one of the 55 who was injured.

Thirty-seven of the 55 new cases were from Calabarzon, eight from Northern Mindanao, six from the National Capital Region, six from Central Luzon, two from the Davao Region, and one from the Ilocos Region.

The other 17 were Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs), and one case was being investigated to see whether it was a local or ROF case.


Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc of Ilocos Norte announced on Sunday through his official Facebook page that the province had one Delta variant case.

β€œThis is what we’ve been suspecting of late since the virus [transmission] in the province isn’t behaving as it used to,” Manotoc added.

Almost 17,000 Ilocos Norte people have been completely vaccinated as of July 24, with doses remaining for another 30,000.

β€œI’m appealing to the private medical sector, with whom I’ve been in contact, to assist us in spreading these vaccinations as quickly and widely as possible,” the governor said.

As of July 21, 519,773 vaccination doses have been distributed to the provinces of the Ilocos Region, according to DOH Region 1.

Pangasinan received the most vaccinations, with 156,328 doses; La Union and Ilocos Sur received 108,830 and 106,852 doses, respectively; Ilocos Norte received 106,107 doses; and Dagupan City received 41,656 doses.

There are still 2,060 ongoing Covid-19 cases in Ilocos Norte.


There were 87 local instances, one ROF, and six cases awaiting verification among the new 94 Alpha variant cases.

One case is still alive, two cases have died, and 91 cases have been classified as recovered, according to the case line list.

The Alpha variety, which was originally discovered in the United Kingdom, has been found in 1,773 cases in the Philippines to far.

There were 168 local instances, four ROFs, and seven cases being confirmed out of the 179 Beta variant cases.

Two are still operational, one has passed away, 175 have recovered, and one is undergoing verification. The overall number of Beta variant instances currently stands at 2,019.

The nine new P.3 variant cases are all local, and they have all recovered.

While the P.3 variation has been categorized as a “alert for future monitoring,” it is still being studied, and data is being gathered on a regular basis to track its public health implications.

There are 244 P.3 variant instances in all.

The UP-PGC has sequenced a total of 9,351 samples so far.

With the discovery of local instances of the Delta variant and other variations of concern, health officials encouraged the public to adhere to tighter minimum public health standards and to continue to avoid confined places and large gatherings.

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