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Allergies in Adolescents

Allergies are reactions by the immune system that are abnormal in nature to substances that are generally harmless to the majority of individuals. When somebody is allergic to anything the immune system of that individual gets confused and thinks that the chemical is hazardous to the body. The chemicals triggering allergic reactions are known as allergens. Examples of allergies are dust, food, plant pollen, medicine, etc. The body develops antibodies to protect itself from these allergies. The antibodies make certain cells present in the system to permit substances to combine with the bloodstream and one of them is histamine. This chemical then affects on nose, eyes, skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and resulting in allergic reaction symptoms. Exposure to the same chemicals in the future stimulates an identical response to the antibodies again meaning every time one comes in contact with the same allergen, an allergic reaction is formed in the body.

Allergic reactions can range from modest symptoms like a runny nose to more serious ones such as trouble breathing. Teenagers suffering from asthma often have an allergic reaction to cold and get asthma attacks is another form of allergy. Some kinds of allergies generate various symptoms. Allergic reactions in extremely rare situations also generate severe reactions called โ€œanaphylaxisโ€ for which the indicators are trouble in breathing, difficulties in swallowing, swelling in tongue, lips, and throat, and dizziness. This allergic reaction happens as soon as the system is exposed to compounds that trigger allergic reactions like peanuts although some reactions are delayed by as much as four hours.

The reasons why people get allergies can be various and one of the reasons could be inherited but that that does not necessarily mean that children are destined to get allergies from their parents. Some of the common allergies include food, airborne particles, insect attack & sting, medicines, chemicals, etc. Food allergies commonly appear in infants and normally vanish as the child grows. The list of food allergies includes milk & dairy products, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, and shellfish. Some people are allergic to stings and bites of specific insects. The venom in the bite is the one that truly triggers a reaction and can be as bad as anaphylaxis in some teens. Some teens are also allergic to airborne particles which are also known as environmental allergens. They are also the commonest of all allergies. Examples of these allergens include dust mites, animal dander, mold spores, grass pollens, trees, and ragweed. Some teens are also allergic to certain antibiotic drugs. Another common allergy is chemicals, some chemicals found in laundry detergents or cosmetics can produce rashes that are irritating in nature.

Allergists generally treat allergy issues. They may inquire questions like symptoms of the allergy and whether it is inherited. They may also recommend certain diagnostic tests like blood or skin test depending on the type of allergy. The best strategy to treat allergies is to fully avoid the items that cause allergies. However, there are specific drugs and injections are also available to treat allergies.

One can follow certain measures to avoid allergies like persons who have food allergies that consist should peanuts and any food containing the smallest quantity of peanuts. Also, avoid using cosmetics that include chemicals allergic to the skin. One can also avoid airborne allergies by keeping pets in confined locations and away from bedrooms. Replace carpets and rugs from time to time. Avoid retaining objects that generate dust. And also clean the room and residence frequently.

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