November 18, 2021

At Isabela University, face-to-face medical program lessons begin.

The University of La Salette (ULS), the province’s first higher education school to allow limited face-to-face classes in its medical degree programs, began in-person mentoring on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Madeilyn Estacio, ULS vice president for academic affairs, the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Health (DOH), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), an Inter-Agency Task Force officials, they are implementing a 30% capacity strategy (IATF).

“To be protective from Covid-19, and to comply with basic public health requirements as stipulated by the authorities,” she continued, the university has updated its facilities.

Apart from the essential facilities for sanitizing, hand-washing and other safety measures, movable glass panels and dividers were installed, according to Estacio.

She explained that the pupils are residing in a “bubble dormitory” where no guests or visits are permitted.

Despite the fact that Isabela province is on Alert Level 2, which allows for a 50% indoor capacity, the institution has adopted a 30% indoor and 50% outdoor capacity for “simple monitoring and evaluation.”

“It’s a difficult one because we’re the first in Isabela to offer face-to-face classes.” As the first to be issued, we will closely watch the implementation to see how we might improve,” Estacio said.

The laboratory and classroom classes for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Technology and Physical Therapy began on November 16.

Seating planning and routine cleanliness before and after sessions are in place to ensure their safety, according to Estacio.

Medical Technology students were only allowed six students in each laboratory area, according to Dean Marissa Tan of the ULS College of Medicine and Allied Medical Programs. A total of 24 students are occupying four rooms.

Nine BS Physical Therapy students were allowed to enroll, and nine more will begin school in the next batch.

“We’re ecstatic to say the least. “All we did was make sure the DOH, DILG, and IATF rules were followed,” Tan explained.

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