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Booster shots are preferred by healthcare staff in Bataan town.

The Rural Health Unit’s healthcare personnel reacted well to receiving coronavirus illness booster shots on Tuesday (Covid-19).

This comes after the Department of Health (DOH) announced on November 15 that fully vaccinated health workers can now get Covid-19 booster doses starting November 17.

Jackielyn Dichoso, a Samal RHU Administrative Aide IV, said she had her second immunization dosage and is willing to get the booster shot.

“Sa akin kasi bilang healthcare practitioner at front-liner na humaharap sa mga tao, gusto ko ang booster shot kasi mas malaki ang panlaban namin sa pandemya na kumakalat ngayon,” says one patient. Kumbaga, continuous tayo na magkakaroon ng protekstyon para sa Covid (I want a booster shot for a greater defense against the pandemic as a healthcare worker and front-liner who attends to patients.) In a way, we’re always protected against Covid),” Dichoso remarked in an interview.

Nurse Maria Jessa Aledia, who received her second AstraZeneca dose in May, said the Department of Health (DOH) has developed rules on the giving of booster shots.

“Kailangan namin mabigyan ng booster shot dahil kami ang unang nae-expose sa mga taong nagpopositive sa Covid-19 kaya mas maganda na may booster shot (We need the booster injection since we are the first to be exposed to those who are positive for Covid-19.)” That is why a booster shot is recommended),” she explained.

Dichoso and Aledia, along with other health workers, were assisting children aged 12 to 17 who were receiving vaccinations at a covered court in this town.

After obtaining her second dose in May, midwife Lolita Poblete indicated it was fine for her to get the booster shot.

“Kasi mas maraming shot, mas marami kaming proteksyon sa katawan,” said Poblete, who was providing measles, rubella, and tetanus diphtheria vaccines to children ages six to seven and 12–13 in Barangay Santa Lucia here.

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