November 17, 2021

Environmentalists are alarmed by the finding of a dead ‘dugong.’

On Tuesday night, environmental officials in Sarangani expressed worry after discovering a dead sea cow or manatee (locally known as “dugong”) on the shores of Kiamba town, Sarangani province.

Local people initially reported the deceased marine mammal washing ashore at a part of Barangay Poblacion, according to Joy Ologuin, area superintendent of the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape (SBPS).

She added the incident was quickly verified by the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) and the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in Kiamba, who discovered the female sea cow’s carcass.

“They detected bruising and abrasion in certain regions of its body upon investigation,” she said in a report.

Oloquin stated that she ordered the sea mammal’s prompt burial in collaboration with local stakeholders.

The demise of the 2.7-meter sea cow, which is one of the SBPS’s flagship species, is currently being investigated by MENRO and CENRO officials.

A stranded female Pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) was discovered on the coast of Barangay Mabay, Maitum town, on October 26.

When CENRO officers rescued the whale, it was frail and injured, with a body diameter of 115 inches and a length of 225 inches from dorsal to the tail.

The stranded whale’s blood was taken, and a responding veterinarian intubated it to keep it hydrated, but it died the next day.

Dr. Mejorada, the Sarangani Environmental Conservation, and Protection Center’s in-house veterinarian performed a necropsy, however, the results were unclear as to the cause of death.

Hundreds of marine creatures have been discovered thriving in portions of Sarangani Bay in recent years, according to environmental workers.

The bay, which spans 215,950 hectares, is the only seascape in Region 12 that has been designated as a protected area (Soccsksargen).

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