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While on self-quarantine, MisOcc guv shares Covid interventions.

After testing positive for coronavirus sickness in 2019, Misamis Occidental Governor Philip Tan explained how he was dealing with in his home for self-quarantine (Covid-19).

Tan posted 15 routines advised by his doctor on his Facebook page on Sunday, including taking paracetamol every four hours and drinking water most of the time to stay hydrated.

“The doctor would next recommend taking vitamin C with zinc in the morning and afternoon; taking antibiotics once a day; and allergy medicine, with another one for colds,” he explained in the vernacular.

Tan’s reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test came out positive on January 20.

He urged his coworkers and constituents, with whom he had a regular touch, to practice self-isolation and notify health officials of their condition.

As of January 22, there are 9,920 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Misamis Occidental.

There have been 8,800 recoveries, 549 current cases, and 571 deaths due to the condition.

There are 148 new active cases, with 34 in Tangub City, 27 in Ozamiz City, and 27 in Oroquieta (10).

The municipalities of Jimenez (5), Don Victoriano (5), Clarin (5), Lopez Jaena (3), Panaon (1), Plaridel (31), Tudela (21) and Sinacaban (21) also reported new cases (6).

On the other hand, there were a total of 21 fresh recoveries, with six coming from Oroquieta City and one each from Don Victoriano, Panaon, Plaridel, Tudela, and Sinacaban (2).

The active patients were all placed in the province’s approved isolation units under rigorous quarantine.

Mayor Sancho Fernando Oaminal of Ozamiz City has directed the local police department to strictly enforce basic public health requirements and secure permits for relief operations.

Oaminal reiterated the provisions of the city’s Executive Order No. 140 series of 2021 in Memorandum No. 22-SFFO-05 addressed to Lt. Col. Luis S. Ramos, the city police acting chief, dated January 10, that only gatherings that are essential for the provision of health and government services are allowed at the moment.

Humanitarian aid is also permitted as long as it is approved by the relevant government agency or instrumentality.

‘Omicron’ is suspected.

Dr. Gina Itchon, the head of the state-run Northern Mindanao Medical Center’s research and development department, has stated that the Omicron variation could be to blame for the rise in cases in this city and other regions of Northern Mindanao.

“We are now treating every case as Omicron here at NMMC, and while it has yet to be proven, I believe it is Omicron based on the spike in cases and the rapidity of virus transmission,” she stated in an online briefer.

Itchon quoted NMMC data showing a rapid spike in cases in just one month.

“Even at the peak of the surge (from April to October), the rate of growth in cases was not as rapid as it is currently. So, based on this pattern, it’s safe to assume that Omicron is to blame for the surge “she stated

Itchon said data from other countries showed that the Omicron variant is substantially weaker and that the high vaccination rate in this city means that most Covid-19 cases are mild.

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