November 25, 2021

In Covid-19 cases were declining, continue to follow health protocols.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte expressed his gratitude for the continued decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country but reminded the public to follow health protocols.

“Salamat sa awa ng Diyos bumaba ang mga kaso (Thank God cases are declining). “However, if we truly want to make progress, we must continue to follow government-implemented health protocols,” he said in a pre-recorded public address aired late Tuesday night.

However, he stated that God’s mercy must be combined with adherence to health protocols, as this was the only way to defeat the deadly virus.

“Ganun ‘yan, ang awa ng Diyos kailangan sabayan mo ng pagsunod ng implementasyon sa protocols ng gobyerno kasi ang Diyos tingnan niya kung walang pagsunod ng protocols ng gobyerno, alisin niya yung awa at maging kawawa tayo (That’s how it works, God’s mercy should be accompanied with following the government protocols because if God sees that people don’t follow protocols, he will remove mercy and we will be pitiful),” he added.

Duterte hailed reports of a drop in active Covid-19 cases across the country, particularly in Metro Manila.

“The number of active cases in the country has been steadily decreasing, according to the [Department of Health].” From more than 23,000 people in November of last year to fewer than 19,000 today. On November 18, we had almost 1,300 new Covid-19 cases. “Today, however, we only had 1,153 cases,” he explained.

The Department of Health reported 1,153 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 2,827,820 across the country.

Active Covid-19 cases have dropped to 18,721 cases, or 0.7 percent of the total, according to health officials.

55.2 percent of the cases are mild, 4.7 percent are asymptomatic, 20.51 percent are moderate, 13.8 percent are severe, and 5.8% are critical.

“Our Covid-19 campaign is progressing slowly but steadily. I’m delighted to inform the entire nation that we’re still beating Covid-19. “Recent statistics back this up,” he said.

He’s also relieved to learn that more Covid-19 vaccine doses are arriving in the country.

“As of today, various manufacturers have delivered 134.4 million Covid-19 doses to the country. 76.5 million vaccine doses have been administered across the country as of today… “More than 33.5 million people are given a second dose and single-dose shots out of this total,” he said.

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