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Oriental Mindoro town offers an uninterruptible power supply from the company.

An energy solutions company plans to test a project that will supply villages in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, with a reliable source of power using cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy.

On Friday, Bongabong Mayor Elegio Malaluan met with Deodato Reloj Jr., chair and CEO of DM-X Technologies Inc., at the latter’s warehouse in Clark, Pampanga, to consider a possible partnership.

The core of DM-X is a distributed power generation system (DPGS) that provides primary electricity rather than serving as a backup generator.

Amptron Corporation, established in the United States, distributes lubricants and clean fuel unique technologies to the company.

Malaluan is optimistic that DM-innovations X’s would open up new prospects and pave the road for the municipality’s development, which has been impeded by the island’s constant power outages.

“Brownout on the island of Mindoro. Ang pino-propose nila (DM-X) ay magkaroon ng power plant sa Bongabong at Roxas, and ‘yung Bongabong ay magiging model or pilot. When there are brownouts in Mindoro, ‘pag naging maayos iyon, sa ibang bayan naman (When there are brownouts in Mindoro, ‘pag naging maayos iyon, sa ibang bayan naman) The DM-X has suggested building a power plant at Bongabong and Roxas, with Bongabong serving as a model or pilot. They will look at other municipalities if it succeeds) “In an interview with the Philippine News Agency, Malaluan stated.

He claimed he might sign an agreement with DM-X as soon as he gets approval from the Sangguniang Bayan (municipal council).

Although no date has been established, DM-X executive Jenifer Reloj hopes to see the agreement signed before the conclusion of Duterte’s government in June.

She stated that the project would be carried out in partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo), and the National Power Corporation (NPC) (Napocor).

“Kung makapag-decide na sila na gagawin ng pilot at mag-decide anong area muna, kunwari ospital, munisipyo, manufacturing, o may mga project na kailangan 24/7 ang kuryente, ‘yung project na maraming mag-i-invest, o kunwari ‘yung prawn hatchery program n

“The decision was made to build a one-megawatt plant at Bongabong to demonstrate to the DOE, Transco, and Napocor that DM-X can be used as a primary power source. We plan to expand in the future to serve more Bongabong residents and supply them with energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week “she continued.

The Biosyn Group of Companies, which includes DM-X, is a pioneer in the generation of ultra-clean fuels and petrochemicals from feedstocks.

A DPGS could run without emitting harmful pollutants if it used its own low-carbon fuel, according to Reloj, making it not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, saboteurs are deterred by the fact that its installations are dispersed or distributed in tiny capacities.

“Ang amin ay alternate grid solution. Itong sariling power line system, mayroon din, “She added that problems with electric power lines are frequently one of the main reasons of power outages.

Reloj believes that this concept might be repeated across the country because DM-DPGS X’s has the capacity to serve as the baseload or major source of power.

“We want to be the electricity of the future. The Philippines will benefit from DM-long-term X’s energy solutions “she stated

Assistance with earning a living

DM-X intends to further empower communities in Bongabong, particularly indigenous peoples (IP) villages, in addition to providing a stable and cost-effective power source.

Malaluan and the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples hailed the firm’s willingness to share technology and support livelihood projects for the Mangyans at the same meeting (NCIP).

Reynante Luna, NCIP Provincial Officer for Oriental Mindoro, said the initiative would still need to get Free and Prior Informed Consent or the consensus of all IP members in accordance with their laws and norms.

“‘Yung pangangalaga ng isda at halaman na gagamitan ng (DM-X) technology, isa lang ito sa maaring intervention among all the others nakita namin na maari nilang ilapat sa ancestral domains pero, of course, kailangan dadaan pa rin sa process para malaman ng buong komunidad n

He added that the suggestion was also forwarded to IP leader Yawin-Ay Guiyayan, who gave it a positive response at first.

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