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On February 14, three Marawi schools will begin face-to-face classes.

MARAWI CITY, PHILIPPINES β€” After the simulation, three elementary schools in the area will adopt limited face-to-face sessions on Monday to discover answers to any concerns.

The prerequisites for the resumption of physical classes were met by Angoyao Elementary School in Barangay Paridi, Mapandi Elementary School in Barangay Gadongan, and Nanapun Elementary School in Barangay Bangon.

According to Marawi Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Anna Zenaida Unte-Alonto, the Bangsamoro Region’s Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) found 27 schools are suitable for the face-to-face method since they are “low risk” according to the assessment.

Based on the number of vaccinated instructors, the division chose to focus on the three schools first, while those in remote villages fine-tune their preparations.

“We acknowledge the DepEd (Department of Education) central office’s (permission of) face-to-face classes,” Unte-Alonto said in a recent interview.

During the simulation on February 3, a total of 100 Mapandi students saw their classrooms for the first time in over two years. Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, and Grades 1 and 2 children are among them.

Before entering their classes, the students washed their hands, took their body temperatures, and changed into slippers, leaving their shoes in boxes.

Each classroom has thermometers, box face masks, alcohol, and disinfecting spray.

To monitor the one-meter physical separation, each classroom will have 70 students divided into four groups.

Every month, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., each group will attend classes for one week.

a unique approach

The parent of a first-grader, Jamila Maruhom, said she likes face-to-face learning since the instructor takes a different approach than the parents.

She also believes that for her son’s social skills to grow, he has to engage with his classmates.

“Kami lang kasi sa bahay wala siyang ibang nakikita siyang ibang nakikita siyang ibang nakikita siyang ibang nakikita si If ako ang nagtuturo, hindi siya nakikinig sa akin. Mas thrilled din siya pumasok kasi iba ‘yung makakasalamuha niya sa labas (He no longer sees anyone else except us.) When I’m educating him, he’s also inattentive. In an interview, Maruhom stated, “He’s really happy to go back to school).”

A instructor whistled during the scenario, signaling the medical crew to enter the classroom.

When one of the students coughed, she was sent home.

“The school nurse will collect the child and transport him to the school clinic for observation. “If the child needs to relax, the mother will be summoned to bring her child home,” said Majarlica Baragona, the principal of Mapandi Elementary School.

Plastic barriers were removed from some classrooms in Lanao del Norte to allow for optimum ventilation.

Officials claim that masks, face shields, and physical separation are sufficient.

Keeping culture alive

Unte-Alonto presented her “Project Meranaw Ako Wednesday” idea to gain support from many stakeholders, along with the restoration of limited physical classes.

The initiative intends to strengthen Meranaw (or Maranao) culture preservation and protection from “erosion.”

The wearing of the ethnic malong (wraparound skirt) every Wednesday, according to Unte-Alonto, will instill in students the value of appreciating Meranaw culture.

She wants the City Council to make malong mandatory in all public and private schools that fall under the Division’s jurisdiction.

“We’ve noticed that several aspects of our Meranaw race are being overlooked. So, in the City Schools Division, we decided that we should wear malong at least once a week, and we chose Wednesday because we also have to wear our uniforms the rest of the week,” she explained.

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