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There will be no substandard housing projects under Duterte’s administration: DHSUD

MANILA – Secretary of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) Eduardo del Rosario said the housing sector’s trademark under the Duterte administration is the provision of high-quality shelter-related assistance.

“We are overjoyed to report that under the Duterte administration, we produced and financed the most housing units in a single year since 1975. We accomplished all of this as a result of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s strong-willed, pro-people leadership and despite all odds, most notably the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,”.

Del Rosario stated that DHSUD has always been steadfast in its commitment to providing low-income Filipino families with decent, sustainable, resilient, and affordable housing units.

“The Department of Housing and Urban Development adheres to three primary housing principles. The first distinction is that shelter is a fundamental right, whereas homeownership is an option. Second, DHSUD does not just construct houses; it also constructs sustainable communities. Finally, the Department ensures that under the Duterte administration, no substandard housing is constructed,” he said.

Del Rosario stated that the DHSUD and its key shelter agencies (KSAs), which include the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund), the National Housing Authority, the Social Housing Finance Corporation, and the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, have “religiously” implemented these principles in order to comply with Duterte’s directive to prioritize the poor.

Del Rosario stated that for the last five years, the DHSUD and its key shelter agencies have placed a premium on establishing safe and resilient housing communities in order to provide marginalized beneficiaries with affordable housing.

“We want to secure the future of our residents, particularly the poor and marginalized, by restoring their dignity and pride,” he added.

5-year achievements

Between July 2016 and December 2021, the DHSUD ranked first in annual housing production and financing, averaging 188,800 housing units per year.

DHSUD and its KSAs constructed and financed 1,038,577 housing units that met the government’s quality standards.

Del Rosario noted that the department’s approval of the 20-year National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan is another notable achievement during the Duterte administration.

The roadmap aims to institutionalize plans and strategies developed in close collaboration with all housing and private sector stakeholders.

Similarly, the DHSUD advocated for urban planning and innovation; expanded its housing program modalities to include rental and microfinance; and continues to assess existing policies.

Del Rosario stated that with the approval of Comprehensive Land Use Plans and Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans, various provincial and local government units across the country can now optimize their operations “to ensure the sustainability and resiliency of human settlement programs.”

“Over the years, DHSUD has placed a premium on protecting homebuyers by stepping up its campaign against real estate scammers and finalizing a number of Joint Memorandum Circulars with other government agencies aimed at pursuing suspect individuals and organizations engaged in such illegal activities,” he added.

Measures have been taken to maximize the potential of the nation’s more than 25,000 registered homeowners’ associations, he said.

There is no pause.

Del Rosario stated that the DHSUD is adhering to its mandate in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, having finalized 20 agreements with local government units for programs benefiting more than 6,000 families.

Even the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) sector was not left behind in the current administration’s efforts to provide quality housing units.

Around 600 IP families from the Dumagat tribe in the Nueva Ecija towns of Dingalan, Aurora, and Gabaldon, as well as the Higaonon tribe in Misamis Oriental, have been relocated to safer and more decent housing units.

“We face a difficult journey ahead of us. Our responsibilities and tasks are never-ending. However, as long as we continue to move forward and attempt to overcome each of these obstacles, even in the face of setbacks, we will continue to deliver outstanding results with our heads held high and proud to serve our people,” he added.

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