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DA-11 plans to increase regional red onion output.

After the market price of red onions rose due to an apparent shortage, the Department of Agriculture in the Davao Region (DA-11) is looking for sites to develop and produce them.

In a news conference, DA-11 Director Abel James Monteagudo revealed that starting in 2017, two previous DA secretaries had given the regional offices instructions to hunt for regions where onions were produced.

“Directives to look for production locations were given to all regional field offices. According to climate, adaptability, and other factors, certain places were successful at identifying areas while others failed, according to Monteagudo.

He claimed that two Davao del Sur municipalities, Magsaysay and Matanao, have begun planting red onions in Region 11 in preparation for growth.

According to Monteagudo, “We provide them with additional assistance and the essential measures.”

Additionally, he claimed that DA-11 is now interested in a few onion expansion locations in Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, Davao de Oro, and Davao del Sur.

In addition, he said that the DA was taking care of the fertilizer, irrigation, and hand tractors that onion farmers needed.

“We are always looking for new places to produce (onions). Because the land in Davao del Sur is suitable for onions, it is quite successful there, according to Monteagudo.

He claimed that more money is needed to boost onion growth.

“The central office is committed to seriously developing solutions to the onion problem. We are not going to sleep on this, Monteagudo informed them.

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