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International NGO seeks collaboration with PH on sustainable packaging

The Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP) and the World Packaging Organization (WPO) are in discussions on promoting circular economy practices in the local packaging sector.

WPO president Pierre Pienaar told reporters Wednesday that applying the extended producer responsibility (EPR) will inspire package makers to create sustainable products. ProPak Philippines was taking place at the World Trade Center in Pasay City at the time.

Pienaar stated that companies should optimize the usage of the products through recycling in an EPR and that packaging makers are responsible for collecting and recycling their products after being disposed of by customers.

“Those who succeed must pay for insurance, and it pays for itself. And in Europe, this was put into practice a while back. Therefore, the EU (European Union) is succeeding admirably. And it’s been successful in nations like Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands for almost 30 years. We don’t see any reason why it couldn’t function anywhere in the world if it works there, the man added.

According to Pienaar, WPO assisted Indonesia in putting the EPR system in place last year.

He continued, “And we believe, the WPO feels that if that can be successful in that country, then there’s no reason why many other countries within Southeast Asia can adopt a similar model because we know it works.

According to Pienaar, packaging firms all over the world have realized the importance of introducing and promoting programs to develop sustainable goods and industries.

However, he asserted that policy support from the government will hasten the adoption of a circular economy in the packaging sector.

ProPak Philippines, a global trade show for the packaging sector, has returned after a three-year absence because of the pandemic.

This year’s exhibit, which ran from February 1 to 3, included more than 250 packaging businesses from 25 different nations.

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