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Envi group said satellite photos will show the size of the oil spill.

Greenpeace, an environmental organization with its headquarters in Amsterdam, stated on Monday that it aims to release new satellite photographs of the area where the MT Princess Empress sank before the end of April. These images may disclose the full extent of the environmental harm caused by the oil spill.

The interpretation of the satellite imagery, according to Jefferson Chua, a campaigner for Greepeace’s local branch, may further support recent reports that the oil spill, which originated off the coast of Naujan town, has already traveled more than 400 kilometers and reached the coasts of Tingloy town and Verde Island in Batangas.

He explained that although an actual water sample is still required to confirm the existence of petroleum, dark patches, and other ocean anomalies visible in the space-based images may hint at where the oil has been carried away.

“Greenpeace wants to release the findings as soon as possible. Because of the potential environmental catastrophe that could emerge from this (the oil spill), we are addressing this as a top priority, Chua continued.

Chua added that Greenpeace is working to ensure that impacted coastal municipalities receive adequate compensation for lost income and overall environmental harm.

He mentioned that the oil retrieved from contaminated water bore the “signature” of oil owned by a subsidiary of a local conglomerate, as established by Cedre, a French organization researching accidental water contamination.

According to the Oil Pollution Compensation Act of 2007 (RA 9483), only the ship’s owner, Reield Marine Services, has up to this point been responsible for paying for the damage. But the owner of the shipment is also responsible for damages under the Clean Water Act of 2004 (Republic Act 9275),” Chua emphasized.

Additionally, he reiterated the environmental group’s request to residents of the affected municipalities in Oriental Mindoro to reject quick cash from dishonest insurers in exchange for agreeing to forego filing class action lawsuits against responsible companies.

Greenpeace Philippines recently released a statement saying, “It is completely unacceptable that an insurer would dissuade claimants from exercising their legal right to seek justice while dangling compensation money over their heads.”

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