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According to OCTA Research, the Covid-19 death rate in the National Capital Region has decreased to 0.78 percent

The case fatality rate (CFR) of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Metro Manila has decreased significantly since the beginning of the year, according to OCTA Research, which published the findings on Saturday.

According to the group’s most recent monitoring, the mortality rate decreased to 0.78 percent from June 6 to July 6, down from the 1.06 percent reported from January to March 31, 2021, according to its most recent monitoring.

“This implies that there is currently fewer than one Covid-19 patient out of every 100 that dies as a result of Covid,” the report said.

In 2020, OCTA Research reported a 2.32 percent CFR in the National Capital Region, which means that more than two out of every hundred patients died as a result of the illness.

When it comes to elderly adults 60 and above, OCTA Research has noticed a reduction in CFR, which has dropped from 5.87 percent in January-March to 4.29 percent from June to July 6.

Over the same time period, the mortality rate for individuals aged 50 to 59 has decreased as well, falling from 1.61 percent to 1.21 percent. Additionally, the mortality rate has decreased by 60 percent among individuals between the ages of 40 and 49, with the death rate dropping from 0.62 percent to 0.37 percent.

The CFR, on the other hand, rose among those aged 17 and under from 0.07 percent to 0.20 percent, suggesting that one out of every 500 patients under the age of 18 is fatally affected by Covid-19.

On the other hand, the proportion of people aged 18 to 39 remained constant at 0.13 percent.

A reduction in the number of Covid-19 cases, according to OCTA Research, may be ascribed to advances in treatment and management, including the efforts of health-care professionals, national and local governments, and the private sector in scaling up hospital capacity and equipment.

“[T]he reduction in CFR for those aged 40 and older by 2021 may be at least in part attributable to vaccination efforts, which started in March 2021 and will be completed by 2023,” the report stated.

It said that immunization of Filipinos, particularly those in the A1 through A3 priority groups, has assisted in lowering the number of fatalities.

In the same advisory, the high proportion of severe and critical cases among individuals over the age of 50 was highlighted, emphasizing the need of prioritizing and expediting the immunization of the elderly population.

In a statement, Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said that the government had so far vaccinated 12.9 million individuals since it began its vaccine campaign.

‘Continue to be cautious.’

Despite the relaxation of limitations in certain areas of the nation, Vergeire has emphasized the need of being alert and carefully adhering to all health procedures in place.

She said at a Laging Handa briefing that the Davao Region remains in the high-risk category, which includes areas with a high critical care use rate, such as the Western Visayas, Soccsksargen, Caraga, and Bicol, among others.

As a result, “we are alerting the public that although we are at minimal risk based on the criteria that we are utilizing, other areas are still seeing an increase in instances,” she said. “So pinapaalalahanan nating lahat ang ating mga bagamat nationwide,” she said.

Vergeire advised parents that adult supervision is still required in the wake of the government’s decision to allow children to walk outside without adult supervision.

“Parents must realize that the dangers are still there for their children, which is why we have precautions in place, which include following procedures and supervising their children while they are outdoors,” she said.

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