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Advertisements with Women

The use of a female model in commercials began with advertisements for alcoholic beverages and pornographic entertainment. The fad subsequently spread like wildfire throughout the industry, and it is still extensively utilized today, albeit exaggeratedly. It has now become a must to have a beautiful model in all types of advertisements, even though it is occasionally unnecessary. They appear to sell anything from shaving cream to automobiles.

Many women’s rights activists believe that such advertising portrays women as mere objects. However, the cruel reality is that advertising depicting women has an impact on viewers of all ages, and advertisers are aware of this. The advertisement begins with a lovely woman posing in enticing ways, followed by the company’s product or service. Customers are already enticed by the model’s beauty, therefore advertising does not need to exert further effort to encourage them.

However, there are some disadvantages to having women models in some advertising, and if a buyer is astute enough, he will see them quickly. Using a female model or actress in a commercial advertising men’s products is completely meaningless. Showing a lady in an axe deodorant advertisement and comparing a half-nude women’s body to the body of a car are two fantastic illustrations of this topic. The second disadvantage is that, as a result of the increased focus on the model, the product does not receive the attention it deserves. The advertisement’s major focus has shifted.

Surprisingly, only a few male models promote products geared at men. Even a picture of a woman in an Internet commercial is illogical to some extent, given that thirty percent of female internet users and seventy percent of male internet users use the internet globally. Furthermore, advertisers are baffled as to why attractive bodies result in advertising success.

Advertisements are persuasion and motivational tools that have the ability to create a lasting impression on the minds of viewers and play a significant influence in shaping people’s culture and attitudes. The expansive and thorough portrayal of women in this way simply lowers their image to that of a sexual object. Only the physical beauty of the woman, such as her features and body curves, is emphasized. After the commercial is shot, any imperfections in the body are rectified using graphical technology, sending the message that only ideal people are designed to utilize the product.

Companies, like everyone else, have a moral responsibility to society. These commercials have a harmful impact on society and contribute to the challenges that ordinary women experience. The main negative impact is the pressure placed on women to have near-perfect bodies. They become so stressed that they choose an unhealthy path to achieve their objectives. They develop eating disorders, and their health suffers as a result, sometimes irreversibly. Those who never reach it to that point are humiliated and insulted by their peers. This leads to sadness and other long-term mental illnesses.

According to studies and polls, the majority of women claim that advertising reduces their self-esteem and causes them to see themselves as unattractive because of the ideal woman portrayed in adverts. Seventy-five percent of healthy females in the United States believe they are overweight. Nearly ten million women suffer from major eating disorders, and half of the female population is on a diet. A fashion model is twenty-three percent lighter than a normal lady.

Women have been beaten up as a result of advertisements. The background voice in one after-shave lotion commercial claims that learning martial arts is important because once a man uses the company’s product, women will be drawn to him and will pounce on him. They show a guy model kicking many women models who appear to be attracted to him near the end of the commercial. This is a depreciation of women’s regard to the nadir.

Following all of this exposure, female viewers perceive themselves to be the weaker sex. Some people believe that men determine their own self-worth. Physical assaults and rapes have resulted from the overexposure of women as sex objects. The majority of women go about getting those stick figures in the wrong way, which leads to infections and, in some cases, death. The majority of this can be traced to the commercials that bombard the lives of ordinary people on a daily basis. Marketing ethics should be developed to elevate the status of women in society and to treat them with respect, rather than to degrade them.

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