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‘Resbakuna sa Botika’ is a Cebu City initiative.

Mayor Michael Rama expressed gratitude to the national government for integrating this city in the “Resbakuna sa Botika” coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccination campaign, which was launched in Barangay Lahug here on Wednesday.

“On behalf of the local government, I am grateful for the extra facet of making vaccines available to the public. “One thing that we are all fanatical about is liberating the City of Cebu from the quagmire of the pandemic, and the road to freedom is vaccination,” Rama stated during the opening of the first vaccination station at the Rose Pharmacy in JY Square.

He urged local residents who have not yet gotten their Covid-19 vaccines to go to the drugstore and get them, even as he hinted that more pharmaceutical companies will join the national government’s initiative.

In order to accomplish population protection against Covid-19, the mayor reminded other authorities present at the launch that the municipal government wants to make vaccines accessible even down to the household level.

Carlito Galvez Jr., the chief implementer of the National Task Force against Covid-19, who was among the guests, praised the city government’s persistence in coordinating with the NTF in its effort to obtain more vaccines for their constituents and ramp up inoculation despite the challenges posed by Typhoon Odette.

Galvez also stated that inoculation at pharmacies will make vaccines more accessible to the general public.

“Darating ang araw na maging marketed na ang ating mga vaccinations,” says the researcher. It’s a mapunta na sa mga katulad ng Rose Drugstore at ibang pharmacy. May mga pharmacy na deputized ng DOH (Department of Health) na magbigay ng vaccine sa ating kabataan (Our vaccines will be commercialized one day.) It will now be distributed to pharmacies such as Rose Pharmacy and others. The DOH has deputized several pharmacies to administer immunizations to our children),” he stated.

Galvez also hinted at the immunization of younger children, ages 5 to 11, suggesting that providing them with additional protection against Covid-19 would eliminate the ban on face-to-face lessons.

Rose Pharmacy’s deputy general manager, Michael So, said the company is proud to be a part of the national government’s vaccine push.

“By mobilizing a broad network of pharmacies and pharmacists nationally, this program would make Covid-19 vaccinations more accessible to everybody (and) is the best move in the correct approach in our joint fight to (stop) this pandemic,” he stated in his message.

Those who have been completely vaccinated but have not yet received their booster shots should also register and get their immunizations at their local pharmacy.

Assistant Secretary Jonji Gonzales of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas (OPAV) expressed hope that by making vaccines available through pharmacies, Cebu’s economy could recover, citing the 7.1 percent GDP growth witnessed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The launch was also attended by testing czar Vince Dizon, the city government, and DOH-7 officials.

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