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Mamanwa tribe members in Biliran have all been fully vaccinated.

Despite their reservations and the distance between their community and health services, 24 members of the Mamanwa tribe in Almeria, Biliran, have already been properly vaccinated against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Inoculation for the ethnic group in Caucab village, Almeria, was completed on February 2 as part of a three-day regional vaccination program, according to the Department of Health.

A single dose of Janssen was given to fifteen adults and nine young tribe members. There had been no recorded cases of Covid-19 among the tribe’s members.

“In order to vaccinate the whole Mamanwa village, the vaccination team, healthcare workers, and volunteers went out to them.” The cooperation and partnership between the DOH, municipal health office, and local government unit of Almeria have also made this possible,” the DOH regional office stated in a statement.

According to a report published online by Enrique Picardal Jr. of the Biliran Province State University, indigenous peoples in Almeria include ethnic groupings Mamanwas from Basey, Samar, who migrated to a rural town in Biliran approximately six decades ago.

Their upland neighborhood is in Caucab town, at the foot of Mount Panamao, a land devoted to abaca and rice production.

The village is the farthest outpost in Almeria.

It is around 4 kilometers from the town center and can only be reached by motorcycle.

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