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Sara will place a premium on education and skill development in order to create jobs.

During her visit to this province on Friday, Vice-Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte emphasized her policy orientation, which, if elected, will focus on boosting jobs, quality education, and peaceful living for Filipinos.

Duterte, who is now on a Mahalin Natin ang Pilipinas Ride (MNPR) in the Philippines, has stated that she wants to offer jobs for Filipinos who have lost their work as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Ang pinaka-una natin (gagawin) ay ang pagbabalik po ng mga trabaho nawala dahil sa pandemya,” she remarked in a press conference.

Duterte believes that strong education is the foundation of good employment, which is why she is working to improve it, especially through skills training to improve competencies.

“Hindi lang po college degree ‘yun, kapag sinabi nating edukasyon.” Dahil marami naman ang hindi kailangan ng college degree na trabaho (Education does not only entail a college degree), kasama na ang skills training doon. It should incorporate skills training because you can get a job even if you don’t have a degree),” she added.

In Davao City, Duterte launched job creation programs and other forms of assistance for pandemic-affected individuals and families.

Her ideas included organizing the transportation industry in the Covid-19 reaction, offering livelihood training for women and members of the homosexual, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and distributing electronic devices to siblings who are in school.

Duterte stated that her ideas are focused on reaching a common goal: for all Filipinos to live in peace.

“Pangatlo, ‘yung lahat’s dream. Third is everyone’s dream (Mapayapang pamumuhay dito sa ating bansa). “I want to live a tranquil life,” she stated.

The west-side route will be used by Duterte and her MNPR team to return to Davao City next week.

Duterte attended the inauguration of the Marcos-Sara Duterte Alliance (Masada) and the Kay Inday Sara Lilipad ang Pilipinas (Kislap) headquarters in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, before landing in Nueva Vizcaya.

Governor Oyie Umali oversaw the inauguration of the Masada regional headquarters, while lawyer Kathryn Joson coordinated the Kislap ceremony.

Divina Magtalas, 53, of Cabanatuan’s Barangay Bantug Norte, was one of the fans that waited for Duterte.

She wishes for Duterte’s development goals to succeed.

“Sa aming bise-presidente, sana po matulungan ninyo ang buong Pilipinas sa pandemyang ito,” said the president. At sana po ay matutupad ng inyong pangako. (To our future vice president, we hope you will be able to assist the Philippines in recovering from the pandemic.) We hope that all of your promises come true. In an interview, Magtalas stated, “We will always back you).”

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