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By 2028, the IT-BPM sector expects to generate $59 billion in revenue and employ 2.5 million people.

According to Jack Madrid, president and CEO of the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the country’s IT-BPM sector aims to reach USD59 billion in sales and a total of 2.5 million full-time employees (FTEs) over the next six years.

Madrid stated during a news conference that the sector hopes to become the Philippines the world’s top experience hub for digitally enabled and customer-centric services while promoting inclusive and sustainable growth throughout the nation.

He said that rural operations would drive the IBPAP’s growth target of 54%.

Upskilling the local workforce will be one of the goals of the IT-BPM sector, according to Madrid, to support the industry’s growth target.

IBPAP plans to increase the number of high-skill positions over the next six years, with a 13% increase in revenue per FTE by 2028.

“Since we announced the prior roadmap in 2016, the industry has already made important and widespread contributions to our economy… As we view our nation as the world’s top experience hub for customer-centric and digitally enabled services while promoting sustainable economic and social growth, what it aims to do in the next six years is for our sector to produce (an) even more profound impact, added Madrid.

He claimed that the IT-BPM sector is one of the “very few industries” in which the nation can assert global leadership.

Since numerous IT-BPM investors are looking to set up and extend their operations across the nation, the IBPAP president said the government should provide ease of business for the industry to be on track with its ambitions.

The nation should actively promote IT-BPM as a desired career path, review the current curriculum, add new and future-relevant courses, strengthen training programs, and ensure a steady supply of qualified workers.

The development of infrastructures for IT-BPM services, including real estate and telecommunications, and repositioning the Philippines as a source of high-value “experience” services would support the industry’s 2028 plan.

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