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🔋 Go Green with Enercon Asia: Cutting-edge Renewable Energy Solution Revealed!

Experience the future of energy with Enercon Asia’s groundbreaking solution, integrating renewable sources with smart monitoring for sustainable power generation.


Enercon Asia Unveils Energy Solution Featuring Renewable and Smart Remote Energy Monitoring to Support Carbon Reduction and Reporting

Manila, Philippines — Enercon Asia, a leading provider of comprehensive energy and power system integrator solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its services in the Philippines and the introduction of an advanced smart energy assessment and monitoring system to address the growing market demand for sustainability innovations.

Amidst the global challenge of achieving energy sustainability, businesses worldwide are increasingly adopting more efficient energy consumption solutions. This trend is especially prominent in the Philippines, where the Philippine Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) recognizes the need for more efficient energy usage.

To meet the urgent demand for advanced energy efficiency solutions

Enercon has introduced its Remote Energy Monitoring System. This IoT-based power monitoring system seamlessly connects to various energy sources, including generators, solar panels, batteries, and the power grid. Additionally, it is equipped with a data-driven tool to prepare businesses for sustainability management and reporting.

Dr. Azhar Othman, Executive Chairman, Enercon Asia, “Our goal is to advance towards a more intelligent and sustainable energy landscape while assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of energy efficiency. We aim to empower businesses to actively monitor their energy consumption, address challenges in establishing carbon reduction goals, and most importantly, achieve a significant reduction in power consumption costs.”

In addition to catering to commercial and industrial sectors

Enercon strategically positions itself to support rapidly growing industries such as microgrids and data centers. Projections from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) indicate a fivefold increase in data center capacity by 2029. Enercon’s timely launch of the Remote Energy Monitoring System, combined with their proficiency in integrating Data Centre Power system solutions, is well-positioned to support businesses in adapting to the ever-changing landscape of energy consumption efficiency.

“Recognising that power consumption constitutes a significant operating expense for many facilities and building owners, we are committed to helping them better manage their energy usage. Through site verification, measurement, monitoring, and analysis with state-of-the-art smart energy monitoring equipment, our teams ensure that clients have a thorough understanding of their energy consumption patterns, on top of meeting compliance requirements. By incorporating preventive and predictive measurements, our solution furnishes businesses with insights into their energy consumption patterns. Moreover, it facilitates remote monitoring of facilities’ energy usage, empowering businesses with enhanced control and efficiency in overseeing their energy resources,” said Roland Lim, CEO of Enercon Asia.

For the past 50 years, Enercon has been specializing in power generation and control, spanning across commercial, industrial, and emerging sectors. Beyond offering energy audits, Enercon extends its services to include asset management, encompassing regular preventive maintenance, upgrading, retrofitting of electrical equipment, and thorough testing, commissioning and training. This holistic approach ensures the sustained longevity and efficiency of power systems.  In the Philippines, Enercon is already an ESCO registered company, backed by a team of energy engineers and energy auditors to help companies comply with RA-11285, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.

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Enercon Asia Pte Ltd, formerly recognized as Enercon Systems International LLC, established itself in 1994 as the Far East hub of Enercon Engineering Inc, USA. Enercon Asia focuses on delivering advanced power control solutions to companies across the Asia Continent.

Specializing in total Energy and Power solutions, Enercon offers a comprehensive range of controls for Generator, Grid, Solar, Wind, Hydro and Battery Storage Synchronization. Their expertise extends to power plant control, automation, SCADA, and Cloud-based Energy monitoring, along with power quality improvement solutions and the supply of balance-of-plant equipment.

Globally recognized for Generator Synchronization and controls, Enercon caters to diverse applications, including offshore platforms, Oil & Gas sites, Data Centers, and manufacturing plants. Committed to sustainability, Enercon introduces products like energy audit, analytics, and renewable energy solutions, with a rich portfolio of over 3000 projects exported to 20+ countries. As a market leader in power generation control solutions, Enercon invites collaboration in their commitment to reliable, safe, and efficient power, emphasizing climate care through innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions. For more information, visit https://enercon-asia.com.

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