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The preferences of Filipino online shoppers

A recent study showed the value of logistics and e-commerce in growing local businesses in Southeast Asia. Nine thousand respondents were surveyed for the “E-Commerce Beyond Borders” report by The Ninja Van Group and the European parcel delivery network DPD Group in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Filipino consumers who were surveyed about their online purchasing practices stated that they believe it is crucial to be aware of the shipping provider. For a hassle-free delivery experience, they chose “real-time tracking” and “delivery where I am located” as their top delivery preferences.

Shipping companies are no longer limited to supplying customers within their own country, but also within Southeast Asia as cross-border purchases are becoming widespread.

The study highlighted the potential for sellers to invest in comprehensive logistics solutions to enable future growth as the volume of cross-border parcels is on the rise. from inventory management and sourcing through customs processing and last-mile delivery.

Given that 89 percent of Filipino internet buyers currently make purchases from foreign websites, this creates the potential for Filipino retailers as well. Additionally, with an average basket size of $33 for a single purchase, the Philippines came in second place out of the six countries examined.

With a 48 percent engagement rate with foreign websites, the Philippines came in last place, but this percentage is still large, coming in just under halfway, and it tells local vendors that customers are looking to a more diversified range of international options for all kinds of online transactions.

The E-Commerce Beyond Borders report also identified two major obstacles that prevent sellers from fully exploiting the enormous potential of e-commerce in their businesses: a fragmented regional market and the requirement for superior logistics. Only 24% of Filipinos believe that delivery and return choices abroad have become simpler and more transparent, according to the study, meaning that cross-border delivery is still an area that needs improvement.

The regional logistic organization proposed that in order to overcome this issue of substantial localization, online retailers wishing to grow internationally team up with online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada, who have built up followings across Southeast Asia. The survey came to the conclusion that working with the best delivery service is essential in fostering confidence between online retailers and customers.

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