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Expanding MSMEs will add jobs, says Concepcion

Joey Concepcion, the creator of Go Negosyo, emphasizes the significance of MSMEs (micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) expanding since it will assist in increasing employment prospects.

Concepcion claimed in a statement over the weekend that collaboration between MSMEs, businesses, and labor will result in a positive cycle that will ultimately increase the number of employment opportunities available to all.

Growing MSMEs will enable them to recruit more personnel, which will ultimately improve consumer spending and raise the GDP of our nation (gross domestic product). When everyone in the ecosystem grows, we enter the circle of success. No one is left behind, according to Concepcion, the head of the Private Sector Advisory Council’s jobs group (PSAC).

The government has approached the PSAC, a group of business executives, for guidance on accomplishing its economic objectives.

When they met to coordinate efforts to increase employment for millions of Filipinos, Concepcion said MSMEs played a significant role in their conversations with Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Benny Laguesma.

In their presentation to President Marcos last August 17, PSAC included MSMEs in their list of five proposals to increase employment.

The President has already underlined the need for the labor department and MSMEs to work together.

Concepcion stated, “We are looking for ways that the public and private sectors may work together to maximize the nation’s priceless human resources.”

In terms of our recommendations for jobs, skill development, a review of labor laws to improve cooperation between labor and industry, and avoiding “too much government” in this field, Concepcion added, “we are pretty much on the same page.”

He outlined how crucial a public-private relationship with the government is in this situation.

“Go Negosyo is collaborating with business associations and the government in this area to support the expansion of our MSMEs. This requires mentorship, financial access, and market access, he noted.

In order to ensure that the jobs issue can be tackled from both the labor and the MSME standpoint, Concepcion said he anticipates better coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry.

With government, labor, and industry working together, the nation can become competitive in the labor market, create more high-quality employment, and maintain industrial peace, he added. “This is why we welcome the partnership with Sec. Laguesma.”

The need to simplify pre-employment procedures for first-time job applicants and to upgrade workforce skills so that they are in line with present and future demand were other major topics that were reviewed with DOLE.

Although there are many open positions, it was noticed that many applicants lack the education or experience required for them.

The necessity to amend labor laws to reflect changes in workplace practices and preferences as well as to take into account both employers’ and employees’ concerns when formulating policy was also brought up.

Concepcion continued by saying that since the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is once again a part of the DOLE, government, and businesses can work together on initiatives that raise training to include competencies that are current, competitive, and in line with international standards.

In attendance at the conference were officers from the People Management Association of the Philippines, who advocated an extended apprenticeship program that would allow for both proper new hire training and the addressing of employer concerns.

Concepcion stated, “We also spoke with DOLE about what we can achieve together and looked for new solutions, such as giving mentorship for those who want to see how entrepreneurship can be both a source of employment and an alternative to work.”

The founder of Go Negosyo also mentioned that the organization’s next Kapatid Angat Lahat program will involve initiatives aimed at creating jobs.

“The idea of large corporations assisting MSMEs is not new. Several sizable Filipino businesses currently assist SMEs in growing by sharing their innovations. More of this is necessary, he said.

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