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DTI approves price increases for Noche Buena products.

195 out of 223 stock-keeping units (SKUs) have had price increases approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), including traditional ingredients for Noche Buena like ham and queso de bola.

On November 23, the agency is anticipated to disclose the pricing list for Noche Buena items, including fruit cocktail, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, spaghetti pasta, elbow macaroni, salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and cream or all-purpose cream.

According to the DTI, 94 SKUs have seen price increases of more than 10%, 51 have seen increases of between 6% and 10%, and 50 have seen increases of between 1% and 5%.

Some ham products had price reductions of up to PHP30, while other brands had price increases of up to PHP42. Christmas ham’s suggested retail prices (SRP) have increased from PHP158 to PHP862.50 from the previous year to PHP168 to PHP892.50.

Fruit cocktail price increases range from PHP0.50 to PHP33.05 with an SRP of PHP56 to PHP33.05; cheese price increases range from PHP3 to PHP21 with an SRP of PHP54.35 to PHP371; queso de bola price increases range from PHP10 to PHP56.65; mayonnaise price increases range from PHP0.60 to PHP23.45 with an SRP of PHP24 to PHP234.15; sandwich spread price increases range from PHP1.05 to PHP13

The cost of spaghetti pasta increased by PHP4.50 to PHP27, with the current SRP being PHP25 to PHP111; the cost of elbow macaroni and salad macaroni increased by PHP4 to PHP27.75, with the current SRPs being PHP23 to PHP119 and PHP39 to PHP117, respectively; the cost of spaghetti sauce increased by PHP1.55 to PHP14.93, with the current SRP being PHP23.55 to PHP95.50; and the cost of tomato sauce increased by PHP1.20 to

Eight items on the Noche Buena list were still priced for 2021.

DTI Assistant Secretary Ann Claire Cabochan states that this year’s Noche Buena items have 18 new SKUs.

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