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In Davao City, the first “air-to-water” device for Mindanao was introduced.

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The air-to-water generator (AWG) device, which produces water from the humidity of the air, was jointly unveiled here on Wednesday by the municipal administration and the Inday Sa Dagat Advocacy (ISDA) Foundation, Inc.

The equipment will be used throughout the entire nation, according to Jerson Pardillo, the founder of the ISDA Foundation Inc.

“If they ask for it, it will be used in other areas as well. What matters is that many people will benefit from it “In an interview, he stated.

A technique called the AWG machine transforms atmospheric air into potable water that can be used in emergencies, particularly during disasters.

Pardillo claimed that his team came up with the idea to buy the PHP18 machine after realizing its value of it during the relief efforts carried out in Cebu when Typhoon Odette struck the region last year.

Engineer Arman Capin, a board member of the ISDA Foundation Inc., compared the AWG machine to “a device that provides cooling. The machine’s tube will carry the condensed drain water, which will then be put into a filtration system to make it extremely safe for drinking.”

Capin stated that a private laboratory had tested the device.

“Each of the machine’s three chambers has a daily production capacity of 2,000 liters. So, 6,000 liters a day roughly, “He clarified.

He mentioned that Israel was the country that invented AWG technology.

“The first in Mindanao is this. We are the only ones with it in Mindanao “Capin continued.

Vice Mayor Jay Melchor Quitain Jr. expressed gratitude to the foundation for creating the device.

“It can be of great assistance to the citizens of this community, especially in times of disaster. As everyone is aware, when a catastrophe occurs, we lose water, “added he.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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