July 9, 2021

Health experts said PH did a terrific job vs. Covid-19

When compared to other nations, a local health expert and a representative from the World Health Organization (WHO) stated the Philippines did an “excellent job” responding to the coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19).

Dr. Edsel Salvana, head of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the National Institutes of Health at the University of the Philippines Manila, claimed in a Facebook post that the Philippines had maintained mortality rates “far lower than nations with considerably greater resources.”

For most of the epidemic, the nation maintained an “open-door policy” for returning Filipinos.

“Unlike other nations, we did not bar our returning Filipinos. With the variations, we paid a price, but it was a humanitarian decision that is very Filipino – we look for our own. Despite this, we were able to reduce the number of fatalities to a minimum,” Salvana added.

“We should be honest and compare fairly,” he said when comparing the Covid-19 responses of various nations.

“The Philippines has done a fantastic job, taking into account all elements of the reaction as well as limited resources,” Salvana added.

He quoted World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to the Philippines Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe, who stated the Philippines “has done a fantastic job.”

Despite its “very limited capacities,” Abeyasinghe said in an interview with ANC on Tuesday that when looking at the Covid-19 response of different countries from the perspective of their income capacity, population size, and topographical challenges, the number of people who have died from Covid-19 in the Philippines is “comparatively lower than many other countries.”

“If you’re honest, it seems that the Philippines has done a decent job from that perspective,” Abeyasinghe added.

He pointed out that, in the face of the epidemic, some nations have closed their borders to even their own citizens, while the Philippines has “welcomed its abroad Filipino workers.”

“As a result of those individuals coming in, the infection spreads. So, in addition to the reaction and weight, you have to consider all of that humanitarian perspective,” Abeyasinghe added.

He went on to say that since the Philippines is a “middle-income nation,” it “cannot anticipate the first-world reaction.”

Bloomberg published an article on June 28 rating the “best and worst locations to be when the globe eventually reopens,” with the Philippines ranked 52nd out of 53 nations.

Following its publication, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that the ranking was “unfair” and “skewed” in favor of nations with a high immunization rate — wealthier countries that had acquired the majority of the world’s Covid-19 vaccine supply.

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