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Buying an Aquarium: Saltwater Aquariums from A-Z

There are a zillion different kinds of aquariums available, and since there isn’t a surefire recipe for building a saltwater aquarium, it may be very challenging for people to decide which kind of aquarium they should buy. Before the would-be biologist steps foot inside a pet store, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account.

Size is the first. As clichรฉ as it may sound, an aquarium is a good illustration of when size does matter. The aquarium’s size must be adequate to accommodate the variety and quantity of fish that the owner plans to keep inside. You should never try to fit a huge saltwater fish in a small aquarium, just as you wouldn’t try to fit a giant goldfish in a small bowl. This is especially true if you want to bring a small carnivore into your house, like one of the smaller shark species. These predators must have space to swim or they will gradually become enraged and possibly even die from the confinement (a bit melodramatic and Victorian, but true nonetheless).

Aquariums come in a variety of sizes, and a competent pet store should be able to help customers determine which size would best suit their needs.

Materials are still another factor. The two options that are currently most widely offered on the market are glass and acrylic. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own. Due to its lower propensity to scratch and ability to keep the sides’ clarity, glass is by far the more popular of the two. Additionally, it is far less expensiveโ€”an important factor to take into account because setting up a saltwater aquarium may be pricey, and every benefit should be taken. Finally, the silicone sealer used in glass aquariums has a property that makes it possible for the tank to expand more easily when water is introduced.

There are benefits to using acrylic tanks. An acrylic tank can be practically any size and shape, which gives designers more freedom to express their creativity. Additionally, it is far more resilient than glass, which is vital to take into account if the aquarium will be shown in a public area or if the owner has young children. Acrylic tanks are built of harder materials, unlike glass tanks, which can be damaged or cracked by a little bump. An acrylic tank’s filtering options can also be adjusted more easily because fewer specialized instruments are required to cut acrylic than glass.

The potential owner of a saltwater aquarium will likely have the choice to acquire a pre-drilled tank, whether it is made of glass or acrylic, to prevent overflow. This option gives the tank a much smoother appearance than the outdated but still common “hang on the back” method.

Although purchasing an aquarium can be challenging, there is really no right or wrong decision as long as the ecology is well thought out and the tank is completely cleaned before usage. Everything comes down to personal preference.

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