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In Legazpi City, the SSS is pursuing delinquent employers.

LEGAZPI CITY, PHILIPPINES – On Monday, the Social Security System (SSS) Legazpi Branch delivered letters to six delinquent establishments as part of its “Run After Contribution Evaders” (RACE) operation, which was in its second leg.

The goal of the RACE, according to Elenita Samblero, SSS vice president for Luzon-Bicol Division, is to offer all employers an opportunity and urge them to use their Pandemic Relief Restructuring Programs (PRRP).

“This is also a marketing plan of SSS, which was intended as a pandemic response, to create awareness among our employers. We know there will be a pandemic in 2020-2021, which is why we want to assist employers “Samblero remarked.

She explained that the RACE is not a shaming campaign, but rather a way to inform the public and employers about the facilities available to them during the pandemic.

“In the past, we’ve issued show-cause orders as a warning to employers, not as a shame campaign, but to let them know that if they don’t comply, legal action will be taken. So, before we get to that, let’s start with this: bago pa tayo makarating doon, ito na muna (so, before we get to that, let’s start with this), “she continued.

SSS-Bicol plans to visit more businesses in order to assist employers and employees.

“This is also a method to help employees, because without contributions, they won’t be able to take advantage of SSS benefits, and businesses will be exempt from paying penalties of 2% every month,” Samblero stated.

She asked employees to verify their SSS records and report any employers that failed to pay their contributions.

The strategy is divided into three parts, however PRRP 1 does not apply to the RACE campaign, according to Samblero.

The PRRP 2 grants penalty forgiveness for the months of March 2020 and beyond, and will last through May 19, 2022. Qualified employers can pay their delinquent contributions in full or in installments, with the accrued penalties waived.

Meanwhile, under PRRP 3, employers may pay in full the principal obligation first and the corresponding penalties in installments; second, apply the monthly installments to the principal ahead of the payment for the penalties; or pay in full the remaining delinquency at any time during the term of the Installment Payment Agreement (IPA).

The six firms inspected were among the top 50 delinquent employers on the SSS Legazpi Branch’s list due to non-remittance of contributions, according to Jogar Tosoc, SSS Legazpi Branch chief.

“The six employers, according to the SSS evaluation, are among the top 50 delinquent employers,” he added. “The second factor is the level of delinquency, and the third factor is the proximity in the neighborhood.”

According to Tosoc, the six businesses were given notices because of their total penalties of PHP1.54 million.

The Social Security Act requires employers to deduct their share of the monthly contribution from employees’ salaries/wages, pay their own share of contributions, including Employee’s Compensation, and remit these on a regular basis.

All employers are required to register with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and report their employees for coverage.

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