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PRRD applauds PNA’s unwavering dedication to accurate news and information.

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo R. Duterte praised the Philippine News Agency (PNA) for its dedication to presenting the Filipino people with accurate news and information.

“May you all remain steadfast in upholding excellence and truth as you assist in maintaining a well-informed and socially responsible society,” Duterte said in a video message on March 1, as the government’s official news agency celebrated its 49th year of providing daily news services to both local and international readers.

PNA acting Executive Editor Luis Morente said the internet-based newswire service has evolved over the years, from the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to today’s use of social media like Facebook and Twitter, which have become the primary sharing platforms for the public to discuss government policies, activities, and programs.

“As we continue to evolve and encounter obstacles, I hope that we will continue to master our profession and uphold the ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication of our distinguished colleagues, past and present,” Morente addressed the PNA’s writers and editors.

In order to maintain up-to-date news reporting and present timely stories, the PNA also broadcasts a regular newscast on the IBC-13 and PTV-4 news channels.

Following the relaunch in 2017, Morente noticed a considerable rise in readership of the PNA web-based newswire service, which has surpassed 5 million views to date.

He also expressed gratitude to Director of the News and Information Bureau (NIB) Virginia Arcilla-Agtay for allowing the PNA’s reforms and innovative changes to ensure that people receive “better news reporting that they actually deserve.”

The PNA is a section of the NIB, which is one of the affiliated agencies of Secretary Martin Ruperto Andanar’s Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

Agtay, a journalist, sees the need to strengthen PNA as a government media body that is “ideally on par with its overseas competitors,” he said.

As the government newswire agency approaches its golden year, Agtay hopes that everyone involved in its operations will continue to push the agency’s progress “beyond basic reporting to being a purposeful storyteller, hope provider, and healer.”

“In this generation with new technical developments, news and information appear to be more significant. We spend considerably more time in front of our phones and laptops, interacting and sharing information in a digital realm. Let us not forget that we are the ones who consume this data “Agtay remarked.

She went on to say that the PNA attempts to link individuals to the things that matter to them by delivering credible, accessible, and timely information.

PNA has been utilized in substantial coverage of presidential actions and has been on the frontlines in covering key events in the Philippines as the government’s official newswire service.

The operation was updated and upgraded under the Duterte administration, with the unveiling of a new online interface design and the remodeling of the central office headquarters.

The main office of the Philippine News Agency is on the second floor of the Philippine Information Agency building in Quezon City’s Visayas Avenue.

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